Minnesota North Star Regional


Awesome job to everyone who helped set this event up, and to all the members and mentors who attended! It was so exciting to be able to compete with the teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa!

On Wednesday, we drove up to the house we were staying at and checked in the robot. Thursday we set up the pit, put the robot together with its new arm, and pit scouted the other teams. We were also able to do a couple practice matches, and the team went to Annie’s parlor for a team dinner!

On Friday, we competed in eight qualification matches, seven of which we won. This placed us as the fourth highest ranked team, and first for OPR! We were thankful to be able to scout with team 2175 so we could get information about each team. You can find the results here for the event: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/3928.13531946703_d27af36dff_b (1)

All of us will remember Saturday for years to come! We only won one of our three matches that morning, but we were picked to be on the second seed alliance. It was great to work with teams 4244 and 2169! Our team ended up being quarterfinalists in the elimination rounds, and this ended our chance to go to Championships in April. Or so we thought…

Team Neutrino was the recipient of the MN North Star Engineering Inspiration award! This award means that NASA will pay for our registration so that we can attend champs along with over 400 other teams. Good luck to all who are going!13532248164_b1b8d76b7b_b (1)

Thanks to all who stayed updated on Twitter and the Blue Alliance. We will get more information to you later so you can stay updated during Champs!

Greater Kansas City Regional


Great job to all the team members and mentors who attended this exciting event!! Thank you to all of the sponsors who donated money and supplies so that this could be possible. We couldn’t have done this without YOU!


We got to Kansas City on Wednesday night to check into our hotel and to bring the robot in. Thursday morning we drove to the arena, set up the pit, and put the robot together. Then we got to pit scout and do some practice matches. Shout out to Team 4646 for a wonderful dinner on Thursday night! It was great to be able to meet your team.

On Friday we had eight qualification matches. You can see the outcomes of those here: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/3928. We won all but one, and this placed us in seed 5. A highlight of everyone’s day was our 300 point match with teams 118 Robonauts and 1986 Team Titanium. It was the highest scoring match of the day!

Evan (human player) and 2014 robot

Saturday was a great end to our experience! Although we lost two of our three qualification matches that day, we were seeded 9th, and ended up being captains of the 6th alliance with alliance partners 2410 and 3172. It was great working with you! This was an awesome chance to prepare our team for our regional next week at North Star. Thanks again to all who stayed updated on our Twitter feed!

Build Season Week 6

At the end of week 6, we are nearing bag day! The robot was able to catch, shoot, and pass the exercise ball on Friday, which is very exciting!!! On Saturday, our team will be in Cedar Falls participating in the Iowa scrimmage, and also in Des Moines participating in the Science Center of Iowa’s Women in Science event. We are anxious for bag day, but can’t wait for a well-deserved full night’s sleep!!