Team Values

The Mission of Team Neutrino

Team Neutrino’s mission is to develop ourselves as leaders, engineers, and community partners, working every day to achieve more with our robots, in our community, and from ourselves than we did the day before.

The Vision of Team Neutrino

We aim to create robots that compete at the highest level of FIRST and students who leave a lasting impact on the world beyond Team Neutrino.

Core Values


Neutrinos act professionally, showing respect for others and exhibiting humility, working together to do more than we can as individuals. We value safety in all that we do, for the good of team members, community, and sustainable partner relationships.


Our team facilitates individual growth and development of expertise in both technical and non-technical areas. Strategic thinking is central to the decision making process, leading to informed decisions which enable growth and innovation.


Student leadership is foundational to Team Neutrino, with student leaders taking initiative and responsibility for the success of our team. As individuals we take ownership of our mistakes; as a team we celebrate our achievements.


We compete at the highest level of FIRST in technical and non-technical aspects of the team. We achieve excellence through dedication and collaboration to reach technical and non-technical goals.


Team Neutrino inspires a passion for STEM in our community and beyond. We establish and maintain a positive and recognizable team image through professional relations with our community. We value the community within our team, acting as a family to make sure all members are accepted and respected. We respect our community and appreciate what they have done for us and what they have allowed us to do.