Here are some resources our team has worked hard to put together, we hope that they will be of use to you. Please let us know if you use any of them!

Link to view Google Drive folder of published resources


Visit our CAD resource page to view some of our robot models and designs for the season. We hope that you find these useful, and that they help provide some inspiration for your team!


In an effort to assist other FRC and FTC teams, Team Neutrino has decided to make the resources for our summer camps publicly available. Feel free to edit them for your own use. Please let us know if you used them and how your camps went.

Team Neutrino Co-Captain Management System

Here is a link to a detailed guide for running the non-technical side of an FRC Team written by 2014-2016 Co-Captain Dagney Paskach.

Team Neutrino Handbook 2015-2016

This is a link to our team handbook for 2015-2016, within it you can find general information and policies for our team.

Team Neutrino Business Plan 2016

This is a link to our team’s 2016 business plan for our sponsors and different outreach events.


These resources were developed by Ames Middle School FLL coach Stacia Steward and Team Neutrino. We have made them available to teams and coaches of FLL teams, and we hope that you find them useful too.


To learn about our team’s fundraising techniques, you can visit our fundraising resource page. Here we have posted things such as our sponsor and organization documents.


To help other teams, we have made some examples of our publications available here.