2022 CowTown ThrowDown

It’s time for Team Neutrino to get hyped up for CowTown ThrowDown, this year’s final off-season FRC event of the Rapid React season for Team Neutrino! The competition will be held in Lee’s Summit, Missouri from Thursday, October 28 until Friday, October 29, 2022. Teams will be able to play FIRST RAPID REACT on a sanctioned FIRST playing field against other FIRST teams. You can find more detailed competition information here. Matches start at 6 pm and will go into the late afternoon on Saturday.

When the match schedule is released on Friday afternoon, you can view it here.  And you can watch us compete live at the Livestream here!

Team Neutrino’s TV Show “Full STEAM Ahead” Premieres!

We produced a TV show! Team Neutrino has created an educational children’s show to inspire young students to be engaged in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). The TV show, Full STEAM Ahead, will start airing Saturday, August 27th weekly at 10 am.

For the past two years, Team Neutrino has been working on producing an educational children’s TV show, Full STEAM Ahead. Full STEAM Ahead strives to illustrate fun and creative ways for students to engage in STEAM. The show is seven episodes long. In each episode, Team Neutrino takes students to various locations around the Ames community, such as the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State and the SportsIowa athletic complex to learn about different STEAM topics. In each episode, team members also walk students through an experiment they can do at home to learn more about the subject.

The Full STEAM Ahead project was inspired by our YouTube series, Stay-At-Home-STEAM (SAHS), which was an effort to engage young students with at-home STEAM activities amidst the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The show consisted of 27 episodes that were published over the course of nine weeks. The SAHS series helped the team to win the prestigious Chairman’s Award in 2021, which recognizes a team who spread the FIRST organization’s mission of educating youth and inspiring them to pursue STEAM. This past year, Team Neutrino was awarded the Regional 2022 Chairman’s Award and was internationally recognized with the Championship Engineering Inspiration Award, which celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school or organization and community. These feats would not have been possible without the students’ effort for both series.

The Full STEAM Ahead show will be broadcasted on APATV 121-16 and streamed on YouTube the day after its original airing. Join us and watch the premiere of the first episode to learn about robotics and make a craft to take home on August 27th, 10 am at the Ames Public Library!

Join Team Neutrino in 2023!

Love CAD, coding, engineering, graphics, business, volunteering, and sharing STEM with the community? Team Neutrino is a Story County high school robotics team with over 10 years of award-winning engineering and community outreach. Now recruiting for the 2022-2023 season!

Please join us for an informational meeting on either Sunday, May 15th from 3:00-4:00pm or Monday, May 16th from 5:30-6:30pm. Both are located at the Ames Public Library upstairs PEO room, and we would love to see you there! Parents are also invited! Contact Leslie or Mikayla for more information.

FIRST Championship – Houston 2022 Results

After 2 years of no worlds, the team finally went to the in-person FIRST World Championship. After two days and ten matches of qualifying rounds, the team finished with a 7-3 win-loss record, seeding them 17th out of the 76 teams in the Carver division. The team was selected as a 3rd pick on the 6th seed alliance with Team 59 RamTech, Team 179 Children of the Swamp, and Team 4561 TerrorBytes. After losing twice in the quarterfinals, our season came to a close.

We’d like to thank and congratulate every single member, mentor, parent, and associate for helping us complete the most successful season in Team Neutrino history!

Team Neutrino won the Championship Engineering Inspiration award at Houston. This is our very first award at Championships, and we are the first Iowa team to win the Championship Engineering Inspiration award!

Congratulations to Leslie Kim for becoming a Dean’s List Award Winner! Leslie is the first person in Team Neutrino and Iowa FRC history to win this most prestigious award.

Dean’s List Award Winners are great examples of student leaders who have led their Teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission. These students have also achieved personal technical expertise and accomplishment. It is the intention of FIRST that these individuals will continue on, post-Award, as great leaders, student alumni, and advocates of FIRST.


We’d like to thank our mentors for this excellent and exciting season, and to our seniors that has done so much to grow and help this team, we’ll be very sad to see many of them go

A special thanks to our generous sponsors, making this trip, and this entire season possible.

Good job to all teams this season, and we can’t wait to see you for next year’s game, FIRST Charged Up.

Minnesota North Star Regional 2022

Thanks to everyone who came to the Minnesota North Star Regional to cheer on Team Neutrino!. Congratulations for everyone who helped the team for working hard to win the Chairman’s Award and with our alliance of Team 2987 – Rogue Robotics and Team 6749 – tERAbytes, we won the North Star Regional!

From April 20th – 23rd Team Neutrino will be at  1001 Avenida De Las Americas in Houston, TX competing at the FIRST Championship 2022. More information can be found here.