Happy May Day!

Happy May Day everyone! A lot has happened in the past month! Read below for updates on where we have been! Scroll down to view New News!

Old News

Last weekend was the FIRST Championships which many of our mentors attended in-person to watch and volunteer at. Iowa did very well there!

  • Three FRC Teams (525, 967, 4646)
    • 525 from Cedar Falls finished 36th on Archimedes with 5 wins.
    • 967 from Marion finished 13th on Curie. They were the second pick by fourth seeded alliance captain 2056, where they made it into semi-finals. In their second qf match, they scored 207!
    • 4646 from Des Moines finished 78th on Curie with 3 wins.
  • Two FTC Teams (3550 & 5466)
    • 3550 from West Des Moines brought home the Inspire Award and ranked 28th!
    • 5466 from Davenport ended up 13th!
  • One FLL Team (3985)
    • 3985 from Davenport brought home first place in Core Values – Teamwork!

For those who weren’t there, we hosted a booth at IT Olympics where we showed off our robot to hundreds of high school youth from across Iowa who were competing in technology based challenges in three distinct disciplines (cyber defense, multimedia/ game design, and robotics).

We also recently attended VEISHEA and was a part of the ISU Extension STEM tent that featured STEM projects from youth across Iowa, include our very own Story County 4-H FLL Team! Click here to see more photos from VEISHEA! We are doing many more outreach events in the coming months, so please check out our events calendar to see if we are coming to an event near you. If you would like to request our presence at your event, please contact Tony!


Finally, one of our Neutrinos attended the 2013 White House Science Fair on April 22nd. While there, he ran into members from Bomb Squad FRC #16, Falcon Robotics FRC #842, and the Atomic Flying Pickles FLL team among others. The full list of attendees can be found here.

New News

The Iowa 4-H Youth Conference registration deadline is quickly approaching, with less than a month left to register (May 24th)! Why are we promoting this you ask? We are leading workshops on all 3 days (June 25th – June 27th)! When you register, make sure to check either T-22, W-22, or R-22! There are many exciting and fun opportunities that you will encounter while at conference, that it just might inspire you to join 4-H!

We are looking forward to hopefully attend IRI this summer (July 19th and 20th). We will keep you informed of any updates concerning IRI. In the mean time, check out our countdown that is embedded in the right side bar.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading this super long update. Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with team happenings.