This year, we built a low profile robot, with our main focus on scoring on the cargo ship and the lower component of the rockets. This year was very fun, from our discovery on our intake grip to the frog like mechanics of our end game climb. Below you will find our robot reveal, and more specific sub-system concepts. With this robot, we won the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Seven Rivers Regional Competition and placed first in Cow Town ThrowDown.

Robot Specs:
Robot Size: 22″x30″x24″
Weight: 100 lbs
Drive Train: Tank Drive – 6 traction wheels w/drop center – 4 CIMs – Max Speed: 14′ per second
Fisheye camera for reliable sandstorm and teleoperating scoring
Arm: Can sore in all low zones – Can score on both sides of the robot
Cargo Intake: Over the bumper
Hatch Mechanism: Can score in all low zones – Active release
Climber: 0 sec (post-match) climb – Is triggered by gas shocks