2013 Shooter + Hopper


Our 2 wheel, 3 point shooter is precise and accurate. Our shooter lets us load and unload


Our hopper is made up of 2 main components, 1) Hopper Chute and 2) The Hopper.
The hopper chute is made up of an enclosed poly-carb structure. We designed it specifically to handle only one disk at a time, so two disks could never get jammed in it. This took a lot of time to engineer and to test out when we tried our hardest to purposely jam.
At the end of the hopper chute is the the hopper itself. We first started out with a 5 gallon bucket like many teams have chosen, but decided against that because it didn’t look very nice. We eventually ended up using standoffs that were machined to the correct height.
Our strategy on how we designed the hopper was that we didn’t want it to jam and we wanted to keep it as short as possible. We decided on making it shorter by only keeping 3 frisbees in the hopper with the fourth in the chute. This saved us about an inch of height on the shooter to allow more room for Kraken.

(Photos coming soon!)