This page has CAD that our team has developed in .stp format. Feel free to adapt for you own uses.


Explore our Public CAD directory. This is an archive of publicly released CAD files and contains all of our competition CAD robot renderings

2019 Robot Cad

2018 Robot CAD

2017 Robot CAD

Driver Station CAD
This is the sheet metal and polycarbonate CAD for our current driver station. It is mostly accurate, but there are some differences

Battery Shelving
These are the drawings for our battery shelving that we have mounted to our electronics cart. This system holds 6 batteries in a relatively compact space. It should be easy to make and even easier to assemble as no welding is required!


2022 Offseason Swerve Drive

2019 Offseason

2015 Offseason

2016 Offseason

This is a collection of some designs developed in the 2015 and 2016 off-seasons.

  • 2015
    • Sheet metal Tank Drives (2)
    • Sheet metal Butterfly Drive
    • West Coast Drive
  • 2016
    • In 3×3 Tube drivetrain
    • 2 CIM angle gearbox
    • Tennis Ball turret robot (designed to mount on our 2015 Season Chassis)

2015 Off-Season CAD (zip download)
This collection includes four models developed for the 2016 Season. Included is a sheet metal butterfly drive, two sheet metal tank drives (one more complete than the other), and a West Coast drive. Enjoy!