FLL Team Coach’s Guide

Feel free to adapt these resources with credit for your own uses. Please let us know if you use them. We hope you find them helpful!

Starting a Team

Looking to start a team? Use these sample proposals to help get your team off the ground!

Word Doc

Core Values and Team Building Activities

Word Doc

This is a compilation of FIRST LEGO League team building exercises, robot game activities, and project tips developed by Mrs. Steward and her FLL teams at Ames Middle School, including some that Team Neutrino mentors. The resources below can be used with it.

How well do you know your teammates? Example 1

How well do you know your teammates? Example 2

Used with How Well do You Know your Teammates? Activity

FLL Commitments SG Activity

Used with FLL Commitments Activity

Core Values Challenge

This Core Values Challenge is a great way to start a meeting. Print out enough sheets for each student on your team. Have them think of three ways they have either seen the Core Value on their sheet demonstrated by someone else on their team, or demonstrated it themselves. When they are done, they should share their answers with another team member. If you have time, consider sharing them as a whole group and think of one way you could work on displaying Gracious Professionalism® at the meeting today.

FLL Core Values

This can be printed and used with the various Core Values Activities

Robot Game

Robot Training Topics

This was developed by graduating members of a team in 2014, now Team Neutrino members, when they organized training sessions on robot building and programming for younger members of their team. This can be used as a basic outline for going over the basics of creating a FLL robot.

Mission Evaluation (2015)

This sheet can be used to evaluate which missions should be done. It will also get the students to start thinking about how they will do them. This version is specific to the 2015 game, but can be adapted for future games.


If your team builds multiple robot designs, this matrix can be used for objectively evaluating and deciding which one to use. You can assign different weights to the categories based on the game if you want.


Project Topic Selection Guide

This is used for selecting a topic for your team’s project.

Project Research Guide (2015)

Used for highlighting useful information and citing sources when researching the project.