Team Neutrino has developed these comprehensive identity standards to help strengthen our brand through consistent display. By having a unified brand, our team appears more professional and also stands out as a premiere team in our community and at competitions.

SVG and EPS files should be used whenever possible in print applications. SVG and EPS are vector file formats and can be scaled. PNG files should be used on websites and in screen applications. WMF files should be used in Microsoft Word and Office documents. WMF is a vector file format that can be scaled and can be easily embedded in Microsoft Office documents.


3928 Dark – SVG | EPS | PNG | WMF
3928 Light – SVG | EPS | PNG | WMF

Additional Graphics & Templates

Microsoft Word Template – DOCX (Word) | DOC (Word 97-2003)
Microsoft Powerpoint Template – PPTX (Powerpoint) | PPT (Powerpoint 97-2003)
Microsoft Office Theme

Instructions for Google Drive Templates:
  1. Make sure you are signed in to a Google Drive Account
  2. Click the link to open the template
  3. Click “File” -> “Make a copy…”
  4. Give the new file a name

Google Presentation Template
Google Document Template

Additional team graphics including T-Shirts, Banners, Fliers, Awards and more are available upon request from the Graphic Design leader.