Build Season Week 6

At the end of week 6, we are nearing bag day! The robot was able to catch, shoot, and pass the exercise ball on Friday, which is very exciting!!! On Saturday, our team will be in Cedar Falls participating in the Iowa scrimmage, and also in Des Moines participating in the Science Center of Iowa’s Women in Science event. We are anxious for bag day, but can’t wait for a well-deserved full night’s sleep!!

SCI’s Women in Science event

Last Saturday, Team Neutrino had the pleasure of being represented at the Science Center of Iowa’s Women in Science event. The purpose of this event was to get girls excited about STEM, and so we explained 3-D modeling using Google Sketch-Up, and showed the Solid Works drawing of the robot. It actually worked out really nicely, because our table was right next to the 3-D printer! Besides being a fun-filled way to spend our Saturday, we were excited to be able to share our passion for FIRST with the girls who came to the event. Thanks to the Science Center for hosting this awesome opportunity!


Build Season Week 5

This week, we accomplished A LOT. We tested the drive train, and ensured that it could make a smooth transition from one mode to another. Pneumatics were attached to the robots, powering the drive train and arms. We attached the arms and shooter to both robots. Our practice robot is extremely close to the finish line; with only one week left in the build season, we are quickly pulling all the pieces together!

Build Season Week 4

Team Neutrino was excited to work on the basic frames for the practice and competition robots this week. Another major goal for us this week was to wire the robot and secure all of the electrical components onto the frame. The deadline for the chairmen’s submission is quickly approaching; we are continuing to make progress on the essay, four collages, and the video.

Build Season Week 3

This week we made significant progress on our robot.

The pieces of the drive train frame were machined, deburred, and assembled. The butterfly modules were put together nicely, and will soon be put onto the frame. Sadly, we had to disassemble last year’s robot so we could reuse the more expensive components on this year’s robot. The programming team started working on the basic programs for the drive train and the shooting mechanism. One of the members also finished the outline for the Chairmen’s paper, and gathered the items that we will include in the final paper.