2013 Scouting System

3929scoutThis year, we designed a new method for scouting based on Team 3929’s scouting sheets for the Kansas City and North Star regionals. We filled out a table of stats for each team’s individual scores in the qualification rounds on Friday, which we later used to predict the outcomes of the rest of the qualification rounds on Saturday. Having the data that the team collected was very helpful for the alliance selections on Saturday. We plan to adjust this method for next year’s game in 2014. This method has really helped us form an award-winning alliance at our two regionals this year, and has also helped us to figure out how Saturday qualification matches will turn out.

Using our proprietary equations, we were able to figure out Kansas City’s Saturday qualifier match results with a 97% accuracy and North Star Saturday qualifier matches with an 88% accuracy. One interesting thing to note between the 2 results is that we used full alliance numbers in KC, while we had to use our results from our individual team scouting cards in Minneapolis.