Build Season Week 2

Our second week in the shop was very productive. We finalized our design, and began CADD and prototyping. Last week’s prototype was mainly to see if the overall idea of a slingshot and pickup would work. This week, the goal of our prototype was to match the dimensions of the CADD and test them. For the last two weeks, the parent mentors as well as some student members and mentors built and assembled the goals. These will be essential later for driver practice!

Build Season Week 1

We had a great first week in the lab!

During kickoff, we started brainstorming by figuring out which strategies would score the most points. Then, on the next Monday, we brainstormed shooter designs, and came up with a catapult and a slingshot idea. We also thought of several pickup ideas, which we also started prototyping, thanks to our access to Boyd lab at ISU. We built working wooden models of two of our shooter ideas, and a pickup idea that we can modify.Brianstorming