Week 9 Updates

Hello Friends who love Robots,
It’s nearing the end of the week and I just wanted to update you on this week’s activities and detail our first regional next week!

Resetting Kraken for the first time on 3/4/13!

Resetting Kraken for the first time on 3/4/13!

We have been very busy finishing Kraken. We got our Kraken resetter built, and tried it out on Monday night, which was quite nerve wracking once you find out the secrets about Kraken. Kraken works pretty well, although we are going to be finishing it up next week. It also climbed the tower much faster then we all expected.
Week 2 Regionals are going on NOW (if you read this between 3/7/13 and 3/10/13). Go check them out on TBA’s Game Day Page!

OUR Regional Info

The clock is ticking even closer to our very FIRST (hahaha) regional of the year. This year’s FIRST regional is the Week 3 Greater Kansas City Regional. I created a page which I will keep (or try to keep anyway) updated. This page contains links to everything that you need to have to be able to follow us from the time we head down to regionals, to the time when we get back! To visit it, just go to teamneutrino.org/kc, it’s as easy as that!