2020 Robot

This year we created a tall robot with the ability to score in the inner higher power port. The season was very fun and our climber was like a grappling hook. Below you will find our robot specs. With this robot, we placed first at the Greater Kansas City Regional and won the Engineering Inspiration Award

Robot Specs:
Max speed: 12.5 ft/s
Powered by 4 NEO motors
6 5″ Colson wheels
30″ long 29.25″ wide 43.5″ tall
Weight: 113 lbs
Full width intake
Human player station intake
Power Cell Storage:
Stores 5 balls
Shoots all balls out in 2.5 seconds
Shoots from initiation line, protected zone, and behind the control panel
270°+ turret for shooting from any side of robot
Limelight Camera for turret adjustment
Detachable hook climber