Early Week 8 Updates: Weeks 1 and 2 Regionals

Hello! I’ll try to keep it short and sweet this week, since things have been slowing down. I will also start posting the weekly updates on Mondays (and will do more during weeks 3 & 5 regionals). Finally, we will slowly be releasing detailed pages on our robot components (ie. drive train, climbing system, shooting system, etc.). This week, we are releasing our Bumpers!

Monday night was the first time we met since last Tuesday (Bag & Tag Day). We have been busy finishing our practice bot, along with building Kraken during our five work days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). We got ~ 8-9 inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank goodness we only got one big storm during build season.

Today I found this really cool app called FRC Megaphone built by Zach Orr of 2337. This app lets you receive updates via text message (and coming soon, email) that lets you know how we did after each match at our 2 regionals during weeks 3 and 5. To receive updates, follow us on Twitter or Facebook!


Since this is Week 1 Regionals, I figured I might share where you can watch FRC matches from the comfort of your own home (aka in your pajamas in front of the fireplace staying warm) tomorrow and Saturday, along with Week 2 Regionals that start on 2/8 and go through 2/9. You can find all the listed details on TBA’s Event page, along with watching live video (and other cool widgets like results and social feeds) on their Game Day page.