Iowa FLL State Championship Outreach

On Sunday, day two of this year’s state championship, our team had the privilege of having an outreach booth and displaying our robot to the hundreds of FLL-ers. Throughout the entire day, teams and spectators were able to stop by and watch our robot in action. It was an amazing experience to answer all of the questions and demonstrate our robot to the general public; furthermore, it was an absolute delight to hear all of the students and kids saying that, in the future, they would like to be on an FRC team.

In addition to Neutrino members operating the booth, we had a lot of other members volunteering on both days of the event. Varying from timers to team helpers, Neutrinos were all over the ISU campus. We had a blast meeting all of the unique teams and watching their performances!

Here is a time-lapse video of our outreach booth: