Team Neutrino finishes as Second Regional Finalist in Kansas City

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Kansas City, Missouri – Story County’s 4-H FIRST Robotic Competition (FRC) Team Neutrino attended the Greater Kansas City FIRST Robotics Competition Regional at Hale Arena this past weekend. The team of high schoolers designed and fabricated a robot to complete the challenge of retrieving and shooting Frisbees into goals almost 8 feet in the air and climbing a 7 ½ foot pyramid during the regional competition.
Team Neutrino finished with a record of 11-4-0. They won the Excellence in Engineering Award for the design, elegance, and accuracy of their drive train, shooter, and pickup arm.
On Saturday, they were selected by the second seeded Team 1939 the Kuh-nig-its, from Kansas City, Missouri, to be their second alliance partner in the elimination rounds along with Team 1987 Broncobots, from Lees Summit Missouri, They easily won their two quarterfinal matches scoring a total of 223 points. In semifinals, they continued their push for a chance to compete at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, when they recorded their second highest match score of 133 points. This win built the confidence that carried the team to the finals. Unfortunately their run ended early after their first finals match, when they were forced to drop out due to a failed speed controller in their drive train system. The Kuh-nig-its substituted their selected backup robot in Team Neutrino’s place during the second finals match where they could not hold back the first seeded alliance. Along with the Kuh-nig-its, Team Neutrino claimed the second finalist award.
Team Neutrino is already looking ahead to their next regional in Minneapolis. The team is planning to work hard over their spring break to fabricate a completely new climbing system named ‘Kraken 2.0’. You can virtually join them at their second regional happening in Minneapolis, March 29th and 30th, by visiting to watch the live webcast.
For more details on the North Star Minneapolis regional along with a link to a live video feed, please visit To learn more about Team Neutrino visit, or for additional Story County 4-H program information, contact Mary Wilkins, County 4-H Youth Coordinator, by phone 515-382-6551, email [email protected], or visit
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