Greater Kansas City Regionals

Saturday – Day 3

So today we exceeded all of our expectations. We were ranked eighth up until the last match when a team in 14th place jumped up and pushed us back to ninth place. At the alliance selection before lunch, we moved up to become the eighth seeded alliance captain after SWAT was picked by the first ranked team. But when it came to the second seeded alliance selection, The Kuh-nig-its selected us as their first team on their alliance. We were honored to be selected to be on their alliance. We did very good as can be seen on TBA. We made it through elims, quarter, and semi-finals very well. But after the first final match, we noticed we had an issue with one of the victors that was driving one of our drive train wheels when the first finals match ended and we went to grab our robot. That should have pointed out that our victors was bad. We concluded that some metal got in it, and it burnt out when it was open. But our drive team did a great job driving our robot with that issue. We were proud to finish in second place and wish Kuh-nig-its well in St. Louis.

Friday – Day 2

Today was the start of the qualifier matches. We did pretty well, ending up being ranked 15th overall out of 53 teams, not too bad for Day 1. Our 7-disk 42 point auton is meant by only 1 other team, whom is currently in first. We had a match where we lost by 3 points.
At the awards ceremony today, we were greatly surprised and deeply humbled when we were announced as the winner of the Delphi Excellence in Engineering award. The judges noticed our disk pickup, accurate shooter, and drive train. We would like to thank the judges for selecting us to receive this honorable award, along with our fantastic mentors who helped us to design our award winning subsystems.
Once we got back to our mentor’s house, we focused on reviewing scouting results for 4 hours. We finalized our selections/strategy for tomorrow. Our coder also finished a 5 disk auton that works in conjunction with other autons for tomorrow.
We are hoping for a successful day tomorrow. In the mean time, check out our release of Kraken 1.0 along with photos from today.

Thursday – Day 1

I’m going to keep this update kinda short as it’s almost 1 (on Friday). Yesterday we ran practice matches on the robot while perfecting odds and ends to make our robot better and adding some nice led lighting on top as well. Here is the set of photos we shot of robots for our scouting. As promised for other teams, you can find OUR photos here and here.
Check out our LIVE Events Coverage page for match schedules and results and the live stream!

Wednesday – Day 0

We made it to Kansas City! We would first like to thank several people who helped us attend the KC regional. Our transportation sponsor, CIT Signature Transportation, who drove us to Kansas City and are transporting us around Kansas City and back home. We would also like to thank our mentor Corey and his family for accommodating us while we are in Kansas City. Major thanks also goes out to Team 1710 for housing our mentors.
We would also like to thank YOU, our friends, family, parents, sponsors, and fans for keeping up with the team and following us either physically or virtually! Without you, we wouldn’t be a team.
Tomorrow, Day 1, is practice day and fixing up our competition robot. We will also be starting to scout other teams. I will be attending a training to be a part of the KC Regionals Media Relations Team, so look for updates throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook. I will be posting daily updates above at the end of each day, so keep checking back.

Until tomorrow, keep those batteries charged! -David