Iowa Regional 2019

It’s week 4 and it’s time for Team Neutrino’s first competition of 2019! Team Neutrino will be competing at the Iowa Regional from the 20th-23rd with 47 other teams in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The team is super excited to show off the robot, as well as a couple of surprises they’ve been working on between Bag Day up to now.

Check out how the team is doing by either coming to watch us compete at the McLeod center or watching the live stream (linked here soon!) and stats (here)!

Good luck to all teams!

Team Neutrino 2019 Robot Reveal

With a new season comes a new robot! For the 2019 season, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, presented by the Boeing Company, Team Neutrino is proud to present this year’s robot, Opportunity! You can check out the reveal video below.

Team Neutrino will be competing at the Iowa Regional in Cedar Falls March 20th-23rd and at Seven Rivers in La Crosse, Wisconsin April 3rd-6th. Good luck to all teams!

Team Neutino Informational Meeting

Team Neutrino will have an informational meeting for the 2014-15 season on Wednesday, September 10 from 6-7pm. We will be in room 1312 Hoover Hall (on the ISU campus), and we will have pizza.

This will be an informational meeting so that you can learn more about our team, and what you will be doing should you decide to continue on as a member.

North Star Regional


northstarfinals We finished quals being seeded first. We picked 2574 (second seed) to be our second alliance pick and 4239 to be our third alliance pick. We made it through elims pretty well with the exception of the last 2 finals matches when we lost to the 3rd seeded alliance captain due to pneumatics problems not allowing us to shoot or climb. Even though we experienced this tragic event that blew our team away, we continued showing our gracious professionalism. As one of the regional event directors told me, our gracious professionalism really showed through and she could tell that we were a 4-H team because of the heart we showed by giving up our timeout before the first finals match to the other alliance to allow them to re-image a crio. After the last finals match, I took a photo of what the front of our robot looked like (see the photo to the left). We seriously got hit hard by another team as the hex aluminum tube was bent in fairly far and our bumpers were also bent in. We brought home the Innovation in Controls award for our work with our 7 disk auton. We are sad to say that our season has ended with this unfortunate set of events and that we won’t be attending Champs like we all were looking so forward to doing, especially the graduating seniors. Keep checking back here for updates from the team throughout the off-season of our outreach activities.


Hello! The past 2 days have been pretty hectic and exciting! As of tonight, us and Iron Lions are undefeated and ranked #1 and #2 respectively at North Star. SwartDogs are ranked #3 across the street at 10,000 lakes. We have been working hard, analyzing data and playing out all the possible situations during alliance selection tomorrow.


Good morning! We are excited and pumped for the North Star Regional! Keep tabs on us by following us on Facebook or Twitter! Also, check back nightly for updates from each day at regionals!
Until later tonight or tomorrow, keep your robots on! -David