Cowtown Throwdown 2021 Recap

Thanks to everyone who went to CTTD to cheer on Team Neutrino! We ended the competition with a top 4 finish alongside Team 1986 Titanium and Team 1802 Stealth.

After a year and a half of virtual events, Team Neutrino finally got the chance to compete in an in-person competition. Playing the same game from 2020, Infinite Recharge, we were picked by Team Titanium and Team Stealth to join the 3rd seed alliance. We learned lots from CTTD and can’t wait for the season kickoff!

Ames Fundraiser – Team Neutrino


Next week, Team Neutrino will be engaging with the local Ames community and fundraising for the 2022 season with our garage sale! On Saturday October 9th from 8am to 4pm, stop by for furniture, electronics, toys, clothes, LEGOs, dining/kitchen supplies, and more— or, simply stop by to learn more about our program first-hand from our students.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit FIRST Team Neutrino 4-H, a local non-profit committed to instilling the next generation of students with hands-on STEM experience. Funds raised will cover everything from competition costs to community outreach supplies and allow Team Neutrino to continue to fulfill our mission of providing valuable local STEM education.

More information can be found on the attached flyer. We hope you stop by!

ACSD Enrich, Empower, and Excel

Team Neutrino volunteered at Ames Community School District’s Enrich, Empower, and Excel summer camp this year at Meeker Elementary school, bringing STEM enrichment to the program via pre-planned activities and crafts. In the first week students learned about the science of space, participating in activities ranging from creating marshmallow constellations to making paper rockets to launch outside. The 2nd week’s theme was Light It Up,  and students made LEDs glow with squishy Playdoh circuits and “painted” in the dark with glow sticks and a long-exposure camera. The third week was “Spy School”, as students made invisible ink with lemon juice and learned about how to escape quicksand while experimenting with Oobleck. Overall, students and Neutrinos alike had a blast over the three weeks, and we look forward to partnering with the program again in the future.

Game Changers 2021 Season Recap

Infinite Recharge at Home

Congratulations to Team Neutrino for their hard work during the 2021 season. The team successfully submitted Judge Awards and competed in the various skills challenges for Infinite Recharge at Home. This year team members adapted the 2020 robot for the at-home challenges, which was a great experience for new members to learn about the design process and for current members to iterate and improve current mechanisms. The team submitted documentation of the robot for the judged awards and competed in skills challenges that tested the abilities of their robot from autonomous path following to the accuracy and precision of the shooter. Team Neutrino ended up ranking 1st in our Skills Challenge group, winning the team a blue banner and internationally the team ranked 17th internationally among 1400+ teams. Most importantly, the team has continued to offer valuable engineering opportunities for the members throughout this season.

Innovation Challenge

Congratulations to everyone on the team who worked on our Innovation Challenge submission! For this unique 2021 remote challenge, team members designed, developed, and marketed a unique product to increase access to fitness among the Muslim community. The Opportunity Competitive Swimsuit, a unique innovation from Team Neutrino, will allow Muslim women around the globe to embrace both modesty and swimming performance for the first time. Team Neutrino is one of the 116 semi-finalists selected from the 1500+ teams who submitted, placing us in the top 7%! Unfortunately the team did not become one of the 20 finalists (top 1% of teams) to qualify for the Global Innovation awards in June. Team Neutrino is still working on the “Opportunity” to accomplish the original goal of the project, to give the Muslim community an increased access to swimming.

Game Design Challenge

In this unique 2021 remote challenge, team members took on the role of the Game Design Committee and designed and developed a unique FRC Game. Congratulations to everyone on the team who worked on our Game Design submission! We won the Game Design Challenge Design Award! We didn’t make it to the top 20 teams who qualified as finalists 

Chairman’s Award/Dean’s List

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard on the Chairman’s. We won our regional Chairman’s award! 

We’re proud to announce that Sam Kellen and Quinn Margrett qualified for Dean’s List and Quinn Margrett is a Dean’s List Finalist! Thanks to everyone for the season!