Upcoming Events

As we kick off this year’s summer offseason, we would like to mention some upcoming opportunites that will be offered throughout the summer.

We will provide training camps to teach the fundamental principles of each subteam, providing an introduction and overview of what the subteam does. Each training camp is 2-5 days long and requires no previous knowledge, so everyone is welcome.

In addition, we will be meeting with our sponsors for sponsor visits this summer. These interactions will provide valuable networking opportunities for our members, enabling them to connect with our esteemed sponsors and teaching them how to foster connections in a professional environment.

Our seasoned members will also have the opportunity to embark on advanced mechanical and controls projects. These projects are for returning members or members who have experience in that subteam, and will be focusing on challenging projects to help further prepare them for next season.

Lastly, we will be involved in lots of outreach events. By actively engaging with our community, we hope to foster a passion for STEM and have an impact on the community. 

Stay connected with us through our team website and social media channels to stay informed about these exciting summer events.