Week 6 Updates


I actually got this written in time (and as such, scheduled it to be posted!) I shocked even myself!

Are you counting down the days till bag & tag? We have a count down in the top right hand corner on every page! Can’t wait to see what bag & tag day brings! Also, we are posting teasers on the Teaser page every Sunday or so, up until KC. Check it out here!

Until Tuesday (when I’ll post updates from our open house), keep it safe out there!



We worked on prototyping the hopper chute. We also did outreach at the Story County Fairboard Dinner. A press release was also sent out about our open house next Monday.


Award writing started tonight. We met with a leader of the Flying Monkeys who assisted us in starting the writing process. The programming team have started working with the practice bot and the pickup mechanism on it.


Programmers continued working with the pickup mechanism. The 2nd pickup mechanism for our competition bot was completed as well.


Our bumpers were assembled and hand-crafted tonight. We lugged the pyramid and the goal over to Howe where the programming team started driving the robot and debugging and finding some software bugs & hardware issues in our pickup mechanism and hopper. A prospective drivers meeting was held tonight to be able to pick a driver and button monkey out.


We worked hard to get the robot in complete working order tonight, so we can turn it over to the drivers to practice with tomorrow night.


Chairman’s Award editing started today while we continued writing the rest of it. We also gave the robot over to the driver tonight to be able to drive around before we took it to the scrimmage on Saturday.


We made our way up to Cedar Falls Saturday morning for a scrimmage against 525 in the afternoon. We had lots of fun, and got to meet new people (& robots). When we got back, we worked on our pickup mechanism.