“NEW-trino” Meeting 2019

Interested in joining Team Neutrino? We’d love to have you! Team Neutrino is a high school robotics team that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The “NEW-trino” informational meeting will be held 6-7pm, Thursday, May 23rd at the Ames Public Library’s PEO room. Team members will be there to direct you to the meeting. See the flyer below for more details!

Team Neutrino at the Detroit World Championships April 24-27

Team Neutrino is super excited to be back at the world championships in Detroit! After a long 12-hour bus ride through the night, the team entered the Cobo Center weary, but enthusiastic for the amazing and huge experience ahead of them.

Team Neutrino will be competing in the “Archimedes” division. You can find the match schedule here. Wednesday of competition was spent repairing the robot and testing it on the practice field and during practice matches. Thursday and Friday of competition will be spent competing in qualification matches. Saturday will begin the division playoffs, where the winners of each division will proceed to the Einstein Finals.

With nearly 400 FRC teams from across the globe, as well as many more FTC, FLL, and FLL Jr. teams there’s a whole lot to do and watch at Detroit. Congratulations to all teams (both those at champs and not) on a great season, and good luck to teams competing in Detroit!

Watch live video from FIRSTinspires_Archimedes on www.twitch.tv

Seven Rivers Regional Wrap-Up 2019

From April 3rd-6th, Story County 4-H Team Neutrino competed at the Seven Rivers Regional FIRST Robotics Competition in La Crosse, Wisconsin. After 90 qualification matches, the team was ranked 16th and was chosen for the 8th seed alliance with alliance captain 171 and 2081, putting up a strong fight, but, losing against the 1st seed alliance of 1986, 2481, and 5914. You can see the match results and videos here.

Team Neutrino also won the Engineering Inspiration award, which “celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community.” Winning Engineering Inspiration awards the team with a spot at the World Championships in Detroit, MI as well as a $5000 sponsorship from NASA to pay for their registration fee! This is the third time the team has won Engineering Inspiration and the fourth time they’ve been to champs since their first season in 2012.

Team Neutrino would like to congratulate all other teams that competed at the Seven Rivers regional and wishes luck to teams who will be attending the World Championships in Houston and Detroit!

Seven Rivers Regional 2019

Watch live on TBA GameDay

One more regional to go! Team Neutrino will be heading to La Crosse, Wisconsin for their week 6 regional with 53 other teams. The team worked out some kinks in the robot at the Iowa Regional and the weeks leading up to Seven Rivers and are all excited to meet some new competition. This is the team’s last chance to qualify for the World Championships in Detroit! Wish any Neutrinos you see good luck!

You can check out the teams and match schedule here (match schedule posted Thursday night). The link to the live stream will be posted here Thursday.

Iowa Regional Wrap Up 2019

First competition completed! Team Neutrino had an excellent competition, with a 8-2 qualification match record, the team seeded 3rd thanks to its consistent and quick cargo and third level climber and the aid of its alliance members.

The team also helped to hold the Chairman’s exchange where teams could present their Chairman’s presentations and receive feedback from other teams.

In alliance selection, the team was the 2nd seed alliance captains and choose teams 1732 and 904, passing through quarterfinals against the 7th seed alliance and narrowly losing the second match in the semifinals to the 3rd seeded alliance.

At the closing ceremonies, Team Neutrino received the Quality award, which “celebrates machine robustness in concept and fabrication. ” Nitzan Friedberg, the team’s Design Manager, also was nominated to be a Dean’s List Finalist. Congratulations to Nitzan and the team wishes him good luck in Detroit!

Team Neutrino will be back at it again April 3rd-6th at 7 Rivers!