Seven Rivers Regional 2018 FIRST PowerUp

Starting this Wednesday (04/04/2018) Team Neutrino will be traveling to La Crosse, WI to compete in their second, and last, regional for the 2018 season. After improving their robot after the Iowa Regional, the team hopes to show off more of their hard work. The team will also be competing for Chairman’s against many other teams. You can watch the live stream here and the match schedule/results here!


Iowa Regional 2018

Team Neutrino is going to the Detroit Championships! After three days of scouting, repairing, driving, and hair pulling, Team Neutrino ended up 2nd seed, winning 8 out of 9 qualifying matches. As the 2nd seed alliance captain, Team Neutrino picked alliance members 525, Swartdogs, and 5914, Caledonia Robotic Warriors. After facing a hiccup in the semifinals, where Team Neutrino broke a chain and had to sit the first match out, the team won the Semifinals. In the finals, our alliance lost to the 4th seed alliance of 6424, 1156, and 6025.

Team Neutrino had more success, though, by winning the Engineering Inspiration award, paying for their registration to the Detroit World Championships!

This was an amazing regional, and we can’t wait to see Caledonia Robotic Warriors again at 7 Rivers and both Swartdogs and Caledonia Robotic Warriors at the Detroit Champs!

Iowa Regional 2018 FIRST PowerUp

As Team Neutrino’s first official competition of the year, the Iowa Regional serves as the proving ground for the team’s hard work which began on Jan. 6 of this year. At the competition, the team will be both competing with their robot in this year’s event, FIRST PowerUp, and in the Chairman’s presentation. Make sure to wish the team good luck, and to watch the live stream here!

2018 Iowa Scrimmage

As Team Neutrino’s first attended event with their new robot, the Iowa Scrimmage serves as a get together of all Iowa teams to test their robot on a field similar to ones to be used at competition. The event happens just before robots must be bagged, so teams can make any last minute changes before competitions. The event is held in Cedar Falls by the SWARTDOGS, team 525 (You can check them out here). Team members worked through the day testing and modifying prototypes and were successfully able to deliver Power Cubes to the scale, switch, and human player.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for our upcoming reveal video!