2017 Competitions


  • Iowa (March 22-25, 2017)
    • At the Iowa regional, the team had a win-loss record of 6-5 and was seeded 15th, where we were picked for the 7th seed alliance which was eliminated in the quarterfinals. Junior, Rucha Kelkar, was chosen as a Dean’s list finalist at Iowa.
  • Minnesota North Star (April 5-8, 2017)
    • At Northstar, the team had a win-loss record of 10-3 and was ranked 2nd. Our 2nd seed alliance made it to the semifinals. The team also won the Chairman’s award, sending them to the championships in St. Louis.

World Championships

  • St. Louis World Championships (April 26-29, 2017)
    • At St. Louis, the team had a win-loss-tie record of 6-5-1 and was seeded 15th. We were picked for the 8th seed alliance, where we were eliminated in the quarterfinals.