Day 10: Ready to Bag… Cardboard Model!

Hello World!
It is Day 10 and most of the team had no school today because we are starting the last semester of the year in high school tomorrow (and for some, the last day of their last semester in their high school career). We got a lot done today, spending almost 7 hours in the shop.


Our mentor Aren was warming up his left over Chinese, engineer style, because we still don’t have a microwave in the shop. We are hoping to get one soon so this madness with heat guns can stop.


We were working on designing a cardboard prototype of our robot based on our sketch in CAD from this past Saturday.


Matthew took a drill to a cardboard tube. This didn’t end up working very well. We are already losing our minds, and it’s barely a week into build season!


“We’re ready to bag it!”… Only our Cardboard copy!


Since the new semester started, new students in Mechanical Engineering Classes & other Engineering classes here at Iowa State University were touring Boyd Lab and came through to see the Mechtronics Lab.